Renee brings compassion, understanding, experience, professionalism, and results to her clients and their horses in dressage training and showing. She has a special gift and intuition for teaching all levels of riders and all breeds of horses in a gentle, kind, super fun, and respectful yet effective way. She addresses every rider and every horse’s “unique issues and goals” and teaches to their needs striving for success but not intimidating or pushing beyond appropriate abilities or “comfort zones”. She has made our training and showing joyful and richly rewarding on so many levels. And after all isn’t that the ultimate goal of any “hobby” such as dressage? Bravo Renee!!!!

- Tracy Disabato-Aust



I have been riding with Renee since 2015. What started out as weekly lessons on a few lovely school horses turned into Renee helping me buy my own horse! Renee is a fabulous teacher; her ability to identify my riding strengths and weaknesses never fails to amaze me. She can find my points of tension in seconds, allowing the horse to shine. I know that I have grown as a rider in my time training with Renee, not just learning new dressage movements but becoming a kinder, more effective rider.

In shopping for my first horse, Renee would come with me and ride the sale horse before I got on – impressing everyone she met with her ability to immediately figure out the horse – and gave me honest, practical feedback. I finally purchased Elena, a horse she had been training. Renee has continued to work with us, including rehabbing an injury, helping me learn groundwork and the ins and outs of building a respectful relationship, continuing with professional training, and finally helping me and Elena figure each other out under saddle. Renee is known as The Wizard around the barn for her ability to make horses look incredible, including my own. I’m so thrilled that Elena and I are continuing to blossom together, thanks in huge part to Renee!  


-Natasha Sadoff



I appreciate all that Renee and her staff do for myself and for Lady!!! I am truly grateful to be at Lost Creek because of the great care that my horse receives.  But also...

Renee has always been my eyes when I can't be there! She has always coached me through my insecurities! She has always taken care of requests that are in reason and fair for everyone! She never pushes us to do more until we are ready! She never makes fun of us because we are not perfect riders or our horses are not on the top of the breeding scale! She gives each of us 100% of her effort 7 days a week! 

Lost Creek may not be fancy with a ton of high priced amenities - but I would not trade it given what it does have- a trainer that provides a safe and encouraging place to be and boarders that are there because we all want to be there! 

Tracy Jennings



I think Renee Peters Dressage is a great place to board. My horse has really relaxed here, and come a long way! In addition to being a nice person, Renee is a very talented rider and trainer who works with all kinds of horses, from green like mine to upper level. I have a lot of respect for her horse sense and knowledge and experience. She knew what my mare needed, and when she was ready for more; and Renee helps me understand that, too. Thanks to Renee, now I can ride my horse :-) My horse seems settled here, and that's a great thing. I'm taking it as a thumbs up!

Debby Miller